Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions about the document destruction process. The list below has answers to the questions we’re most often asked by potential customers. If you don’t see the answer to your questions here, please call us at
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Businesses now have a legal and ethical responsibility to keep sensitive customer and employee information from falling into the wrong hands. You can no longer dispose of confidential documents in the regular trash containers on the street. Proper disposal of personal and confidential documents in a timely fashion will limit your liability in litigation and will keep your proprietary information out of competitor’s hands.

We encourage you to shred all paper leaving your business. It is the most certain way to protect your organization from identity theft and corporate espionage. It also drastically improves your ability to comply with the numerous laws and regulations covering information security.

Following list includes several types of information that should be shredded:

Banking information


Customer names & addresses

Obsolete contracts

Internal correspondence


Proprietary information

Loan information

Payroll information

Visitor logs

Supplier information

Medical records

Insurance information

Employee data

Sales information


Proprietary information

Tax records


Investment records

Recycling companies are not equipped to provide security. From a risk management perspective, once your confidential material leaves your possession, it is open to anyone to use and abuse. The best acceptable way of discarding your confidential paperwork is by shredding it in your presence.

Of course you can always do your own shredding, but it is not nearly as secure or economical, especially if other employees are involved. It might take you days to shred what we can shred in minutes. When you consider the noise, the dust, the shredder overheating and jamming, we can save your time and money.

We provide the highest level of security. We shred all the documents at your premises in your presence so 100% confidentiality.

We don’t charge rather we pay you. We deduct our charges from the price of prevailing scrap rate and pay you the balance amount.

We can shred 1 ton of documents in one day (8-9 hours).

To help protect the environment all shredded material is sent for recycled. We then ship to paper mills where the material is re-pulped and processed into paper.

No; you may include any type of paper as well as paper clips, staples, rubber bands. Our staff will remove the necessary & shred.

You may call us at +91 96048 58282. You may also e-mail us at or directly via our "Contact Us" section of this web site. We are happy to provide a quote for service with no obligation.

It is part of our service form. It verifies that Shredders India destroyed your information on a specific date and that the contents cannot be reconstructed and will be recycled. It is your way to provide an essential external auditing piece that shows your due diligence in protecting your company information.