Shred Paper – Save Trees

All paper shredded by Shredders India is 100% recycled. What’s the impact of that?

Well, in 2016 we securely shredded over 175 tons of paper. That saved:

2975 trees (each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees)

427,00,00 litters of water (at 24,400 litters/ton of paper)

When you and your organization shred your paper documents, you are keeping your business, your staff, and your customers safe from Identity theft and regulatory violations.

You are not only shredding your secrets but helping to preserve clean air, water, and land that we will hand over to our coming generation. Recycled paper is less expensive for manufacturers than using virgin paper. So you are also helping the economy!

Let’s partner with Shredders India today and fulfill your environmental responsibilities as well as document security needs.

Let us Join Hands To Save Trees !!!